GhostReader is a document and selection reader used by people with dyslexia, used for language learning and used by people who prefer to listen to text rather than read it. It can read Text, Word, HTML, PDF and RTF documents (plus in Leopard: DOCX and ODT documents) and selected text in almost any application.

GhostReader can convert text to audio files or iTunes tracks with the encoding of you choice. Create your own podcasts or iTunes tracks, ready to load onto your iPod or iPhone. GhostReader includes Infovox iVox voice credits with which you can purchase high quality naturally-sounding Infovox iVox voices.


  • Listen to Text, Word, HTML, PDF and RTF documents (plus in Leopard: DOCX and ODT documents)
  • Create personal and educational podcasts by converting text to audio files
  • Convert text to iTunes tracks with the encoding of your choice: AAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless
  • Create your own bookmarkable audiobooks by exporting to iTunes tracks
  • Speak selected text in any application using the GhostReader tool palette or a keyboard shortcut
  • Simply point your cursor at text in Safari, Pages 2008, TextEdit, or Mail and listen to the paragraph below the cursor instead of reading
  • Use the included pronunciation editor to modify the way a word is pronounced or to add new abbreviations
  • Includes Infovox iVox voice credits that you can use to download naturally-souding voices selected from 31 languages.
  • The following languages require Mac OS X 10.5 and later: Arabic, Turkish, Czech, Greek, Russian and Polish. 
  • Universal Binary (PPC and Intel) requiring Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 or later (fully Leopard compatible)
  • Localized in English, French, Italian and German


All our Mac software is available on a Try-Before-You-Buy basis, so feel free to download the time-limited full trial version of GhostReader before making a purchase. You can purchase here online (credit card, PayPal or check) or through specialized distributors and resellers.

N.B. Prices and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

GhostReader (includes Infovox iVox voice credits)

Single user license (includes 1 Infovox iVox voice credit)

US$ 39.95 € 39.95

Single user license (includes 5 Infovox iVox voice credits)

US$ 69.95 € 69.95

Household license (max. 5 computers in one household; includes 5 Infovox iVox voice credits)

US$ 79.95 € 79.95

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