The complete Text to Speech app for Mac

GhostReader highlights

Read aloud on your Mac

Use for texts from any app or program

Make it sound right

Modify the pronunciation of words

Import different text formats

Text, Word, HTML, PDF and RTF

Read easier

With zoom & word highlighting  

Personalize your text

Choose different voices

Listen on the go

Convert your texts to audio files

GhostReader Plus highlights

Take control with tags

Define voices, reading speed and timing

See how it works

Read multilingual documents

Auto-detect languages in one text

See how it works

Why choose GhostReader?


GhostReader is an easy to use, fully customizable Text to Speech app that allows you to listen to written text on your Mac. Read selected texts from any other application, import texts in several formats and listen to them on the go. GhostReader’s intuitive design and extensive range of features help you to effortlessly save time, improve your work or enhance your learning experience. 

GhostReader Plus

GhostReader Plus offers you the same extensive range of features as GhostReader with the added benefit of tags. 

Tags give you ultimate creative freedom to use multiple voices, languages and other speech modifiers. Use GhostReader Plus to create beautiful audiobooks, lively podcasts or proof-read your screenplay with all characters having their own voice. With automatic language detection you can effortlessly listen to multilingual texts and documents. 

Who uses GhostReader?


Effortlessly proofread and perfect your work any time, anywhere you want. Bring your characters to life with GhostReader Plus! 


Prepare your classes in advance and create entertaining, high-quality podcasts for your students.


Simplify your reading experience and improve your reading comprehension or simply make studying easier. Use GhostReader Plus to conveniently study new languages!


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GhostReader 2.4

Enjoy listening to your Mac

Download from the Mac App Store
US$ 14.99

GhostReader Plus 2.4

Get more power with tags

Download from the Mac App Store
US$ 19.99

GhostReader and GhostReader Plus require macOS 10.13 or up.
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GhostReader 2.4 offers macOS Big Sur compatibility and is now optimized for the new Mac computers with Apple silicon.

What users say

  • GhostReader Plus with its ability to automatically adjust voices to languages is a masterpiece. For people who often use different languages in one text it is simply a dream come true.

    Jacek RzeszotnikProfessor for Contemporary German Literature –University of Wroclaw, Poland

  • GhostReader is very convenient because I can change my text in real time. It even lets me manage the silences!

    Maud Dupuis-CaillotManager Polymorphe Design

  • Nice, clear interface with cool features such as tags that give ALL students the ability to 'get creative' with text.

    Jeanette DaviesLibrary Management/Inclusive Technologies