Who We Are

ConvenienceWare develops Mac applications designed to simplify people’s every day life. 

ConvenienceWare's flagship product, GhostReader, was first introduced in 2007 and has established itself as a highly appreciated Text to Speech tool among creative professionals, teachers and students.

ConvenienceWare was founded by AssistiveWare, a leading innovator in the assistive technology space dedicated to creating meaningful applications to help people with special needs.

As a result, ConvenienceWare is able to draw on this extensive research and knowledge for the development of convenient applications designed for people who want smart solutions that can help save time, stimulate creativity or simply make life a little easier.  

ConvenienceWare is committed to creating applications that are designed around users’ needs by proactively engaging users during various stages of the application development process.

ConvenienceWare is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.