With Infovox iVox 3 & Infovox iVox 4, you must create an AssistiveWare activation server account. This is a feature of that offers users greater flexibility in activating their voices.

Infovox iVox licenses are no longer tied to a computer. With an AssistiveWare activation server account, licenses are tied to a person or organization, which enables you to use the account on different computers. In the Infovox iVox Voice Manager, you can create an activation server account when you redeem an activation code. 

Alternately, you can create an activation server account by first clicking the Manage Accounts button, then clicking the Add Account... button, and finally under the Create New Account tab, entering your name, organization (if any) and email address and selecting one of the three account options below. Click the OK button to submit your information. The name and organization will be the licensee of the voices. An email will be sent to the email address provided with the account details.


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